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Welcome to Master Windows & Screen

Flyscreens Melbourne

Master Windows & Screens has been established for over 10 years. We take pride in offering a vast selection of products and in addition we provide a broad range of services. Our products are custom made to your needs. Master Windows & Screens provide you with the latest styles and colours to suit your taste.

Our products are manufactured in Australia, which provides strength reliability and most important security within your home or office. Our unique systems will allow the maximum ventilation you require, without sacrificing your security.

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Do not let insects and flies kill your buzz – be protected with our finest collection of fly screens and insect screens!


For protection against flies and insects, we bring to you the best and most extensive collection of fly screen doors and insect screens! Welcome to Master Windows and Screens – your provider of top quality flyscreens, fly screen doors and insect screens in Melbourne!

A single fly or an insect can totally ruin your day. Whether you are trying to relax on a warm summer’s afternoon or having guests over for an evening tea, insects and flies will certainly ruin your enjoyment!

Apart from this, they carry diseases and you must make proper arrangements to protect yourself, your children and other family members from catching these diseases. But being cooped up inside with all windows and doors closed is not healthy either. You need to let in some fresh air for ventilation and to freshen up the environment of your home. The best way to enjoy the outdoors and yet remain protected is hidden in a simple solution – you need to get fly screen doors and insect screens installed in your home.

Thus, fly screen doors and insect screens can serve a dual purpose for your home in Melbourne:

  • They will protect you from flies and insects and

  • They will allow fresh air to enter your home for ventilation purposes.


Apart from these obvious functional benefits, getting flyscreens and insect screens installed by us is an easy, cost effective and convenient way to get protected against flies and insects. Easy to put up and take down, our flyscreens and insect screens in Melbourne, offer other benefits as well such as:

  •  Acting as a deterrent to big pieces of rubbish present outside from entering inside when your door or window is open, such as leaves, broken flowers, trash etc.;

  • With fly screen doors, flyscreens and insect screens you can now open your doors and windows without having to worry about flies and insects. This allows you to save on lighting by letting the sunshine across your rooms. It also allows          you to save on cooling/heating costs by allowing the cool breeze to enter your home, allowing it to cool down during summers and allowing the sun and its warmth to enter during chilly days.

  •  They can be designed to add a touch of elegance and class to your home and give your home a contemporary look.


Having an experience of over 10 years of successfully providing fly screen doors in Melbourne and insect screens in Melbourne, we have gained the expertise to judge exactly what you need for your own use and your family’s protection against flies and insects. If you are looking to get flyscreens and insect screens for your home in Melbourne, we invite you to get a free quote from us! Give us a call today and let us provide you the necessary protection against annoying flies and insects!


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